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TL; DR; Fixer API let you perform just in time exchange conversions but only on paid plans. I’ll show you how to take advantage of the free plan and build your own exchange converter using Laravel.

After my last post about Mailtrap and AWS, I decided that it’d be cool…

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Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and Decision Support Systems (DSS) have been around since the 1960s since the appearance of the first databases.

Every year new technology drives new tools and techniques. In 1970 appeared the basis of modern relational databases. The concept of columnar databases was already proposed by the…

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I was preparing a class for my students about Business Intelligence (BI) and Decision Support Systems and as my researcher spirit always suggests to me, I came to Medium looking for valuable writers’ opinions about the topic.

I found three interesting posts which I’d be glad to share with you.

About BI Tooling Categories

Growing Software Development Team

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In my ten years working as lead developer or project lead, besides constant scope changes on ongoing projects, team rotation is the other norm.

We all know the side effects when a developer leaves the project once the team has reached a predictable speed: delays on projected deliveries and loss…

Este post fue escrito inicialmente para Innovart J2, empresa donde trabajo y colaboro con contenidos y se encuentra disponible en el siguiente enlace:

El COVID-19 está cambiando el mundo en el cual vivimos y como seres adaptativos, estamos buscando rápidamente la forma de acoplarnos a un nuevo estilo de…

So, Twitter has rolled out a small but big feature and it is already making fun of it with me:

A trolling tweet I could not reply

The account @TwitterComms tweeted that and I tried to reply because I wanted to know how can my account can be verified but the reply button was disabled. Silly me…

Javier Escobar

I’m a dev guy who enjoys BI, programming, and writing. You can find me on Twitter as @Javierx2010. And my personal blog:

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