A Guide Step by Step to Optimize Fixer’s Free Tier (and learn some Laravel features)

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TL; DR; Fixer API let you perform just in time exchange conversions but only on paid plans. I’ll show you how to take advantage of the free plan and build your own exchange converter using Laravel.

After my last post about Mailtrap and AWS, I decided that it’d be cool to continue posting about easy to use technologies that can be used on a bunch of different domains and that I’ve successfully implemented on recent projects.

This time I’ll be showing you an API that lets you perform currency exchange conversion, Fixer.io.

I recently used this service on a musical…

Para la fecha en que Vygotsky deja este mundo (1934), aún no se realizaba la declaración de los derechos humanos (1948). En esta declaración se indica que toda persona tiene derecho a la educación gratuita al menos en la etapa elemental o básica, siendo también obligatoria. Vygotsky fue un fiel creyente en que el aprendizaje resulta de la interacción social.

La interacción social como conductor del aprendizaje

La educación en general es un proceso de interacción social entre estudiantes, padres y docentes.

Este mecanismo ha existido durante cientos de años y ha evolucionado en generación tras generación donde la triada estudiante, familia e instructor han sido constantes.

A mailing testing services review

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TL; DR; Both services let you test your mailing processes, Mailtrap is easier to use but won’t be your mailing provider; Amazon SES requires more configurations but once it’s done, it’s just a few steps away to be production-ready.

A few years ago little I knew there were mailing platforms for developers like Mailtrap and Amazon SES. Nevertheless, a free Gmail account with SMTP enabled can also do the work depending on what you want to test.

Mailing services like Mailtrap and Amazon SES let you configure a mail server so your app can send all those transactional emails, newsletters…

Bits of Advice

From 13 years of experience implementing BI solutions

A dashboard. From @lukechesser on Unsplash

Business Intelligence (BI) solutions and Decision Support Systems (DSS) have been around since the 1960s since the appearance of the first databases.

Every year new technology drives new tools and techniques. In 1970 appeared the basis of modern relational databases. The concept of columnar databases was already proposed by the late 1960s as a technique to quickly measure numeric values for statistics, as it was in the late 1970s Canadian census.

It was a matter of time that relational databases incorporated techniques such as indexes, columnar oriented and in-memory tables and so many other techniques that lead to the appearance…

Selected for you

What Writers on Medium Have to Say About BI Strategies and Tools

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I was preparing a class for my students about Business Intelligence (BI) and Decision Support Systems and as my researcher spirit always suggests to me, I came to Medium looking for valuable writers’ opinions about the topic.

I found three interesting posts which I’d be glad to share with you.

This author uses metaphors to categorize BI solutions among platforms, desktop or services-based solutions. And those (metaphors) are quite precise in my opinion.

About BI Departments

Contrary to the common approach of BI teams of BI sponsors, business processes analysts, and devs, who deliver information to businesses departments, at TransferWise, an international banking…

Growing Software Development Team

Give them the answers before they ask for them

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Photo by @brookecagle on Unsplash
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In my ten years working as lead developer or project lead, besides constant scope changes on ongoing projects, team rotation is the other norm.

We all know the side effects when a developer leaves the project once the team has reached a predictable speed: delays on projected deliveries and loss of knowledge, are only a few examples.

On the other side, integrating a new member to the team can also be a challenge, there is a ramp-in cost associated. But adding a new member is also a chance for bringing new ideas, energy, and knowledge.

Here are a few situations…

Este post fue escrito inicialmente para Innovart J2, empresa donde trabajo y colaboro con contenidos y se encuentra disponible en el siguiente enlace: https://innovated-ideas.com/index.php/2020/03/09/teletrabajo-coronavirus/

El COVID-19 está cambiando el mundo en el cual vivimos y como seres adaptativos, estamos buscando rápidamente la forma de acoplarnos a un nuevo estilo de vida de manera productiva, saludable y segura. Un nuevo modelo de trabajo se ha convertido la nueva normalidad: Teletrabajo en tiempos de coronavirus (COVID-19)

Algunos negocios se han visto afectados pues su modelo no puede ser operado bajo cuarentena, otros han visto oportunidades para desarrollarse o adaptarse a esta situación…

So, Twitter has rolled out a small but big feature and it is already making fun of it with me:

A trolling tweet I could not reply

The account @TwitterComms tweeted that and I tried to reply because I wanted to know how can my account can be verified but the reply button was disabled. Silly me, I was pranked. 🤡

Or, in Spanish, “Sistema Quirófano Remoto”.

Yes, my BCompSC thesis was my side project because I started a full-time remote job by the end of college and I only could be able to work on my thesis at night and on weekends. I had a tough yet very creative tutor and this was his idea:

“So, we have these analog video recording cards that we can attach to PCI ports and record the video signal of cameras and devices like laparoscopes during a surgical practice. …

This is the second post of a series that will tell a story of my evolution as a programmer. After Visual Basic, I coded in C no-stop for about two years.

The first post can be found here.

It happened again, I could not find the code, screenshots or the binaries of these projects. ☹

I was freshmen in college when I was introduced to the C programming language, the one that was taught by the moment before learning C++ or Java in the advanced courses.

Learning C was not as straightforward as I though… I had a hard time…

Javier Escobar

I’m a dev guy who enjoys BI, programming, and writing. You can find me on Twitter as @Javierx2010. And my personal blog: http://intomyitlife.com

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